Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Dear friends in the New Consciousness Community,

Quantum NLP is engaged in many projects that involve the community. We are already busy planning the EXPO for March 2012. Also, our charity work with had a great start this summer. We are already actively serving women and families in our community.

November, we celebrate the graduation of our newest Quantum NLP Practitioners in Salt Lake City. Also, I will be heading to Monterrey, Mexico, to teach a workshop, and am getting ready for my big trip to China in December, where I will be teaching in three cities.

Like always, I am very grateful for all the love, support and encouragement of my community. Without all the people, who help me in many different ways, Quantum NLP would not be able to exist in its current form, serving people in different countries. Together we are making our contribution to creating a global transformation of consciousness. I get up every morning with excitement, knowing that Quantum NLP brings great value and helps humanity with its development.

I wish you all a fantastic month of November, use the Fall time to go within and notice what you would like to complete before the year starts to wind down. For me personally that means, to foster the connection with my family, and to have great balance between my personal and professional life.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and easy and joyful holiday preparation time.

Be well,

Christiane Turner

November 2011


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