Saturday, October 01, 2011

What's Been Happening at Quantum NLP

Update: We are serving the community together with
by Christiane Turner

Even though I have been spending the last few months mostly up in the mountains and traveling with the family (especially to the fantastic red rock desert in Southern Utah), Quantum NLP has been making major "Quantum Leaps" in fulfilling our mission.

The most exciting news at this time is our new partnership with, a local charity organization, serving people who are going through major life transitions. In July, Pattie Christensen, director of, and Quantum NLP hosted an OPEN HOUSE at the Transformation Station to kick things off. We had a full house, drawing prizes worth thousands of dollars - all donated by our wonderful "New Consciousness Community" - and made many excellent connections after the diverse presentations offered by the Trainer Team.

We are now in the planning phase as we are developing the program, which already started with the beginning of the Quantum NLP Practitioner Training in August. We also had our first workshop for program participants and are off to a great start.

This weekend we are having our first Vision Retreat in Southern Utah at the Ponderosa Ranch by Zion National Park. In this fantastic natural setting we are dreaming, planning, creating the logistics, meet with a Non-Profit Expert, and have many fun activities to help us manifest our vision into doable action steps.

For anybody who wants to be involved as a volunteer, donor, or would like to find out about the program, make sure to contact me or Pattie Christensen, so we can chat about the amazing opportunities available to you to be part of a project that is making a difference in our community.

Trust me, we are having big dreams, and I see this whole project going really big very fast. There is a great need for resources out there, and is an amazing grassroots organization that is already a great model for people, who want to follow their own passion in helping humanity grow to the next level of consciousness.

I am deeply grateful and feel so blessed to be part of this project. Namaste.


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