Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Consciousness Expo 2009

We are preparing for the annual New Consciousness Expo in Salt Lake City on November 14th 10am-5pm at Steven-Henager College in Murray.

Would you like to be an exhibitor ant the New Consciousness Expo 2009 in November? Now accepting applications from anyone who contributes to raising the consciousness of the community through their services, products & ideas! contact: or (801)815-3404

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Beliefs are you ready to let go of?

When I was a little child, I grew up in Germany during the time of the country being divided. There was a general belief that the wall would be there for a very, very long time, as my grandmother would say to me: "This wall is not going to come down in your lifetime." By the time I was a young adult political unrest started in Eastern Europe and Russia. Low and behold, the Berlin Wall actually came down in 1989. Something I thought was not possible for a long time all of a sudden happened and I and many other Germans had to change our belief that the Wall would be there forever.
Think of beliefs you want to have to support you in your goal. Think of at least three or four empowering beliefs that you want. As you think of those beliefs that help you in your outcome, write them down, put them on a post it note on your fridge or your mirror, your closet, your computer screen saver. Make those beliefs available to your brain. Walking by and glancing at the beliefs several times a day, your brain impregnates these beliefs over time and you will collect evidence around you that things are changing.
And now that you know what you believe I ask you to think about who you are in regards to your outcome. Having your goal achieved fully: Who are you now, how are you different from before? What are some statements you can make about yourself. What comes to your mind, when you say: "I AM ..." What is a metaphor that comes to your mind?
A person who wants to weigh less could say things like: "I am slim", "I am beautiful" and a metaphor that might fit their goal could be a "flying bird" or a "tall tree" or a "blooming flower". The person who wants to have their own business could say things like: "I am a business owner", "I am successful" and their metaphor or symbol could be something like a "dollar bill" or a "sturdy house" or how about a "pillar", just to give you some ideas.
What are statements that you make about yourself when you have your outcome? Frame them as I AM statements and fill in the blank. Excellent.
What is your metaphor or symbol that speaks to you and signifies the outcome you want to achieve? Symbols, analogies and metaphors are the language of the other than conscious mind. You make a direct link in your brain to your subconscious by creating a symbol for your outcome. Lets think of some examples. For someone who wants to be a good parent a "hen with chicks" might be a nice metaphor. Someone who wants to be a better team member a "grove of aspen" might work well. What comes to your mind when you think of someone who wants to be healthy? Images like a "still lake" or "white clouds" or a "locomotive" might come to mind. Think of items that metaphorically express who you are when you have your goal fulfilled.
Now that you know your new identity the most important question becomes: How do you make your contribution to the world by achieving your goal? How do you, by being successful, actually make this world a better place? Who else is going to be positively effected by you getting what you want. A lot of people are worried that when they want something for themselves, like health or money or even happiness, that they are being selfish. And the amazing truth is, the more you fulfill your own dreams and live a happy and healthy life the more you raise the energetic vibration of everybody and help everybody else to become successful in what they want. By you doing what you need and want to do for yourself, others will automatically profit.
A person who has more money can give more to charity and can do more good than the person who lives from paycheck to paycheck and is broke all the time. Right? It makes sense to me and I really hold my intent that it makes sense to you also. There is something so profound and wonderful when we truly, even on a cellular level, understand that our success is a blessing for the rest of the world and encourages everybody else's success. Just try this idea on for a while and notice what happens in your life.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Positive Intent

There is a very important principle, called the “Positive Intent“. Positive Intent means, that there is always a positive function or purpose for what is currently happening in our lives. For example a behavior we don't like about ourselves, like getting angry when our kid whines, or getting all shy when walking into a room full of people, or having dyslexia or any kind of habit or pattern that doesn't work for us. There is always a positive reason for us having that in our lives. On a higher level this behavior, habit or way of being serves us. What do you suppose smoking cigarettes might do for people on a higher level? When I ask clients that question I hear answers like: "Smoking helps me to relax and take a deep breath". Or another person said: "Then I'm free for a moment". So, essentially the positive intent of that person is to be free. How interesting. The behavior of smoking actually gives them a feeling of freedom. That's their positive intent for their behavior. Does that make sense? It's such an interesting concept and completely changes your way of looking at the world and yourself when you start asking yourself what the positive intent could be of your behaviors and patterns. To tie this back into our examples. First, the person who wants to go from 160 to 140 pounds. I would ask them what their positive intent is for their current weight of 160 pounds. How does it serve them to have exactly that weight right now. An answer might be: "I feel safer." This answer puts their weight into a completely different perspective and it makes sense why they would have those extra 20 pounds. Because they feel safer.And lets check out our second example, the person who wants to start their own business. When I ask them "What does it do for you to be employed right now?” they would probably tell me: "It gives me stability because I can depend on my paycheck." This is such an important consideration for that person as they think about starting their own business, that their positive intent for their current situation is a matter of stability and dependability on their paycheck. These are parts we need to honor as we move forward with our goals. The part that says "I want you to be safe" or the part that says "I want you to be stable and have a dependable paycheck" or whatever positive intent our parts are holding for us. This is so important to understand. Because the positive intent is what holds the current situation in place. Remember, for example the person who is smoking cigarettes. Their part that smokes cigarettes is just attempting to get the person a feeling of freedom. I once worked with a woman who would get verbally aggressive whenever her kids did not listen to her. When we explored her positive intent for her negative reaction she realized that being aggressive was a way for her to be in control. And when we further explored what it did for her on an even higher level to be in control, she actually came up with peace. So being aggressive was her way of attaining peace. Isn't that amazing? I have done this so many times with people that I would ask them about their positive intent and their answers are always surprising to what the part that creates the behavior really wants for the person.Now the question is, what is your positive intent for what you currently have in your life. How does it serve you and your life right now. No matter if it's a health issue, a dysfunctional relationship, money issues or just plain depression, there has to be a positive function for what is going on right now.
Ask yourself, get in touch with your parts, trust the answers that come up. Take a nice deep breath and ask yourself. "What is the positive intent of my current situation?" "How does my current situation serve me on a higher level right now?" Just take your time and trust any thoughts that come to your conscious awareness. What answers are you hearing in your head? What pictures are you seeing with your internal eyes?Thank your parts for any answers you are receiving.Sometimes, when people are starting to play with the principle of the Positive Intent it is harder to get answers right away. That is because we are so conditioned to the other way of thinking and beating ourselves up. Trust me, you will get used to asking yourself what the positive intent is for what is happening. Just relax and trust.
By you asking these questions your brain is learning the structure and it will become easier every time you do it.By knowing the positive intent of your current situation you are more able to tap into the resources of love and compassion for yourself and others, it makes it so much easier to understand why you are doing what you are doing, which opens the door for change.
Again, thank your parts for communicating with you.

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