Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WIKI - Social Media - Communication Skills on the Internet

WIKI about Social Media, in collaboration with Shahar and Nash from

How good are your communication skills on the Internet?

We are all used to polishing our communication skills for one-on-one interactions as well as presenting ourselves positively to a group. On some level we even understand that we need to use excellent communication for positioning ourselves on the internet to attract a lot of traffic.

Today I am offering to you one HOW TO, that is so important to know and consider when putting any kind of message on the Internet. Address all five senses! A well written website, article, press release, blog, wiki, etc. has a variety of discriptive words that tickle all senses and inspire the reader, and even help them to smell and taste your message!

We are all wired differently. Some people process the world more through pictures, others more through sounds and again others need to touch things to experience them. In communication we pay mostly attention to the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling. The more of a variety you use in stimulating ALL senses the more you really reach your audience in a way that they naturally process. You are talking to everybody, not just a select group of people.

First step: Check your current writing style and notice how you communicate through the five senses. This might be an indication to your own processing style!

Second step: Think of ways to include more of the other senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting) and spread them throughout your message.

Remember, it only takes small changes to have a huge effect.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Quantum NLP - Thought into Manifestation" - now available as audiobook and download

Dear friends,

It is amazing how quickly dreams can turn into reality. And sometimes even earlier than expected!

I am so happy to tell you that my publisher just informed me that as of now you can preview and download the audiobook "Quantum NLP - Thought into Manifestation" on iTunes. And check this out: It already hit the Top 100 in the self development category on iTunes downloads.

To listen to the free preview either go to iTunes or just click on

I am sending you my very best wishes and may your dreams turn into reality quickly and easily,

Be well and have a blessed holiday season,


Friday, December 15, 2006

Masters of Manifestation

This Club is open to anybody who wants to join. Just contact us. Thanks.

Master Manifesters Club Letter, Volume 1 - Nr. 4, December 1st, 2006
by Christiane Turner, Quantum NLP

Dear Master Manifesters,

Greetings and happy holiday season to you. Enjoy the time of festivities as this is truly a time of peace and prosperity. You know that you have embarked on a special journey by claiming your right to be a powerful Manifester of your own life. You have special skills that the whole world needs. Please share your goodness freely, this is the greatest gift you can give to humanity right now.

Of all your wonderful responses to the last letter I would like to quote Mindy who is experiencing some excellent successes. Please learn from her experience and take whatever information to heart that pertains to you personally!

(Quote) "Since the meeting in your office, I have been working out quite a bit! I love it, I get up early and work out at the University gym before heading off to my new teaching job, which I work just 10 hours but am paid as if I worked double that.
These two changes have balanced my whole being and I am able to tap into my inner creative juices to complete tasks that I set out on a timeline task list called "I am a MASTER IN MANIFESTING MIRACLES and this is my thesis timeline!" I have this above my computer and it is incredible, because that feeling of remembering previous completed tasks is carrying me to new levels.
I have had many mini miracles, for example I completed a task in about three weeks which had been on my desk since last year and the results of my institutional review board of my research are already back!
I wanted to share with you the value in praying for my resources such as a professor who my work is dependant upon. When I started to pray for my professor and the alignment of my highest good I felt a shift in energy that is pushing me closer to completing my mini tasks for my M.A. thesis completion. Warm Greetings, Mindy". (End Quote)

Dear friends, please share your stories. It is so uplifting and wonderful to read Mindy's example and I know that you all have experienced some kind of changes that come from you being more deliberate with your creations.

Now, my question to you is:

How are you doing? How is that whole "Manifestation Thing" going in your life? Any help, any questions? Is it working for you? Please ask me your questions, I'd love to address them in upcoming Club letters.

Encouragement for practice:

The other day a client shared with me the idea about finding at least five things she is grateful for every day and to write those five things down at night. I would like to pass on that idea - as you remember - gratefulness is such a key in becoming a Master Manifester. The holiday season is an especially wonderful time to practice gratefulness. Look around you, listen, feel, smell and taste (the last two are especially easy right now!). Ahm, Hm, All I can say is "Wow, we are surrounded by so much abundance and beauty. Thank you."

My very warmest wishes to you and may many blessings come your way,


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By coming from the oneness principle we can easily embrace the opportunity to proactively manifest our own experience of reality through tuning into the ever present stream of intelligence and information that flows through all of us.
Our thoughts are energetic vibrations that attract like energy patterns. For that, our positive thoughts create more positive events to take place in our life. By teaching ourselves more effective language patterns we naturally change the neurological wiring in our brains and create more useful default behaviors.
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