Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Greetings and happy October to you all.

This is the time to start thinking about resting and putting our focus and energy into the ground to strenghten our roots. It's the time of Halloween and we are getting closer to Thanksgiving.

During this transition period I would like to encourage you to practice Gratefulness. As you see, hear and touch the world around you, notice what comes to your awareness. Give thanks for what you experience. Make it a practice.

For example, right now I am happening to hear geese honking as they are flying over my house. As I notice the geese I say Thank you for that experience and that I get to enjoy that gift.

Practice Gratefulness as many times a day as you can. Every time you have awareness - there is your chance! Right on, have fun with this.

Send me your success stories and learnings.

All I can say for right now, the more I practice the thought patterns of abundance the more things are happening. I easily tune into the fact that people are about to call me or that there will be an e-mail from someone. I often finish people's sentences in my mind before they say it out loud. That's always weird, when it happens.

You all be well and keep spreading the good vibe,